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Date: 05 - 26 VIII 2018 • Opening: 05 of August, 12:00-15:00
Localisation: Galleri Verftsporten
Nedre vei 14 • 3183 Horten • Norway

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  • Professionalism

    Professional preparation,
    process & presentation
  • Landscapes from Norway

    Beautiful nature allows to create
    beautiful images
  • Few days - few pictures

    Seclusion and trips to the unknown


At the exhibition there will be presented over a dozen black and white photographs.
A special author's technique based on a gelatin silver process was utilized to create them. The photographs by Michael are available as fine art silver gelatin prints on baryta paper. Hand–made, numbered and signed by the artist printings were made in the private darkroom with use of seven chemical baths.

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  • Hand made printings

    Traditional enlargements
  • Baryta paper

    fibre based paper
    & multigradation emulsion
  • Black and white

    23x33,9cm images; frames 40x50
  • Signed limited edition

    Art prints with certificate
  • Some image

    View gallery

    Few horizontal images


Description of thumbnails (expand the gallery on the right):
1. a sample of enlargement - parameters selection, 2. fixing and washing, 3. bathes in cuvettes, 4. notes for every print, 5.strips of paper tape, 6. drying the enlargements on the glass.

NOrWAY Contact
  • Darkroom

    Private workshop built by author
  • 7 baths process

    Developing, stopping bath,
    preparatory fixing, final fixing,
    washing with accelerant,
    proper washing, archiving bath
  • Unique technology

    Author's idea of duplicate
    - special analog negative
    prepared from digital file
  • Darkroom

    View of the darkroom

    Few photos of preparation
    of the enlargements


Michael is an enthusiast of classic photography called chemical/analog. He lives in Warsaw, Poland and has own darkroom. He adores Norwegian nature because of its purity and wildness. Michael published his works in Warsaw, Radom, Toruń and group exhibition in New York. Informally he is connected with Association of Polish Art Photographers.

NOrWAY Contact
  • My country: Poland

      1918-2018 - 100 years of independence
      966-2018 - 1052 years of statehood
  • My city: Warsaw

    Capital of Poland
  • My passion: photography

    11 years of aware shooting film
    acts and landscapes
  • My darkroom: cellar

    3 years of private workshop
  • My parents: best people in the world

    Everything thanks to them
  • My parents-in-law:

    Support and care like a son
  • My wife: Iza

    Always beside me


Ingeborg Strøm - for the invitation and taking care of the exhibition
Agatka - for help and feminine care
Sylwek - for friendship, for a trip to the unknown, for the hospitality...
Daniel - for common discovering the nooks of Norway
My Iza - for everything

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